Mellissa McKee Obituary, Death – The information has left us in a state of total and absolute disbelief, and as a result, we are doing it with a heavy heart. With a painful feeling in our hearts, we must break the news to the members of our community that Mellissa McKee has passed away. She was a beloved member of our community. Mel and her family have maintained a solid connection with the Dolphins for a good number of years, going all the way back to when Charlie and Bronte, Mel’s children, were playing for one of our Junior representative teams. Mel’s connection with the Dolphins goes back to when Charlie and Bronte played for one of our Junior representative teams.

Throughout the years, Mel and her family have maintained a significant involvement with the Dolphins. The convergence of the aforementioned factors is directly responsible for Mel’s position on our Junior Committee throughout the course of the previous few years. This can be clearly ascribed to the confluence of the circumstances. The fact that Mel is a parent to a young child is undeniably at the heart of this predicament for a number of reasons. It was while her children were younger and playing for our Junior rep teams that she first became connected with the Dolphins.

This involvement lead to her children also playing for those teams when they were younger themselves. When they were younger, Mel’s children also participated in those teams as athletes. We will remember Mel for her kindness and her beautiful smile, and during this terribly difficult time, we are keeping Mel’s husband Johnny and their children Charlie and Bronte in our thoughts and prayers. Mel will be much missed. Mel died away not too long ago, and we shall all remember her fondly.

Mel was a woman who possessed a beauty that was nothing short of awe-inspiring. We want her to know that she and her family, which includes her husband Johnny and the couple’s children Charlie and Bronte, are in our thoughts and prayers. We also want her to know that we are thinking about her. Kindly convey to her that she and her family are in everyone’s thoughts and prayers, and ask her to do the same for us.