Michael Gagnon Obituary, Death -Gagnon, Michael B. RAVENA On November 3, 2022, Michael B. Gagnon, who was 67 years old, passed away. Michael had served his country honorably in the Air Force. He worked as a chef at a number of different restaurants. Thursday at 9:30 in the morning, the interment will take place in the Saratoga National Cemetery.

During the opening credits of the movie, an exclusive performance of the song “That Christmas Morning Feelin'” is given to the audience, and after that, a moving title card with the following message appears on the screen: “That we may hold Michael Gagnon’s memory dear and honor him.” Michael Gagnon, a truck driver who was a member of the band Spirited and is credited in the film as Spirited’s Transportation Co-Captain, was one of the band’s members.

According to his obituary, which can be found on EverLoved.com, Gagnon was born on June 23, 1972, and he resided in Watertown, which is a city in the Greater Boston area. His obituary can be found here. The film Spirited took place in the city of Watertown as its primary location. When Gagnon tragically passed away on September 22, 2021, he had only lived 49 years of his life.

His passing took place in the middle of that year, in the months of July through October, when production on Spirited was in full swing. Only Michael’s devoted partner Melanie Guarino, his children Danielle, Katie, Amanda, and Christopher, and his five grandchildren, as well as his brothers Paul and Brian, have survived from Michael’s immediate family.
In addition to Spirited, the movies Ted (which was released in 2012) and Don’t Look Up (which will be available on Netflix in 2021) both list Michael Gagnon as a driver in some capacity.