Michael Goodfriend  Obituary, Death РMichael Goodfriend was a much-loved family member who contributed to our lives in many capacities, including those of son, brother, nephew, cousin, and friend. We are deeply saddened to inform you of his passing and express our condolences. The passing of our dear Michael came as a total shock to all of us, and the events that transpired leading up to his death were heartbreaking. As siblings, Vicky and Michael shared a bond that was both very special and extremely close. They were always there for one another for support and advice, and they shared everything with one another.

They have become much more attached to one another over the course of the past year, for which Vicky will be grateful until the end of time. Destiny, Michael’s other sister, will never forget her brother’s obsession with hot pockets or the jobs they worked on together because of it. Destiny also won’t forget the jobs they did together. Erick, Michael’s brother, will be saddened to lose the one-of-a-kind sense of brotherly camaraderie that is exclusive to the relationship between brothers. It is a given that he and the rest of his family will continue to love him even after they have grown apart.

We would like to express our gratitude to Michael by ensuring that he receives the services that are rightfully his. He was the kind of person who expressed his feelings openly and genuinely cared about the people in his immediate environment. He wore his heart on his sleeve. Even after he passed away, Michael never stopped being the kind of young man who was generous to those around him. His organs will be given to people who are in need of a second chance at life so that they can be transplanted.

On the other hand, we were not ready for the exorbitant costs that are associated with holding a funeral service that does justice to our loved one’s memory. We are thankful for any assistance that you are able to provide to our family, and we will see to it that Debbie and Frank, Michael’s parents, receive all donations in order to assist them with making funeral arrangements. We are grateful for any assistance that you are able to provide to our family. Click HERE To View Michael Goodfriend’s Obituary