Michael Maroné Obituary, Death – Michael Maroné, a close friend of mine who passed away today at the age of 52, just 14 days after undergoing a significant heart procedure, will be greatly missed by a lot of people. I count myself among those who will mourn his passing. It had only been a week since he had checked into the hospital for the operation. It makes me sick to my stomach to inform you of his passing due to the fact that he was such a shining example of humanity; however, I have no choice but to do so because I have no other option.

In light of the fact that he served as such a shining illustration of humanity, it makes me sick to my stomach to inform you that he passed away. Because we shared two of our most significant interests, we were able to always have engaging conversations with one another. This was made possible by the fact that we had two of the same interests. Because of this, we were able to have fun together no matter what the circumstances were. A short while ago, he completely took me by surprise when he presented me with an incredible photo compilation that he had produced on his own initiative.

He had done this on his own initiative. It was a gift from him to me, and I am very grateful. My thoughts and feelings toward him will never change, and he will never be able to displace the special and irreplaceable place that will always be reserved in my heart for him. The concept of living my life apart from him is totally incomprehensible to me at this point. We shall never forget him. My greatest and most important hope is that his family will be able to rally around one another and provide support to one another as they navigate the difficulties that they are currently facing. It is my sincere wish and prayer that they are.