Michael Tessa Obituary, Death – The names of the two people who were killed as a result of the tragedy that took place on Saturday have been discovered after an investigation into the event. Both of the victims ended up being murdered. The Mercer County Sheriff’s Office identified both Jaden Spradlin, age 19, and Michael Tessa, age 30, as the individuals who were killed in the incident. Both of the men called the city of Bluefield in West Virginia home. Both of the individuals were killed as a result of the gunfire that was exchanged. At this point in time, Michael Tessa had reached the age of thirty years old.

On Saturday, the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department received a report of a fatal car accident that had taken place close to the intersection of Simmons River Rd. and Suit Rd. in the county. The location of the accident was described as being in the county. It was reported that the crash took place in the Mercer County region. The report specifies that the accident took place in the county of Mercer as the location of the incident. According to a news release, two people who were trapped inside a vehicle were extricated and transferred to the PCH Bluefield Emergency Department. Sadly, neither of them survived their injuries and passed away shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Despite the heroic efforts of the rescuers, neither of the victims survived their ordeal. A man and a woman were rescued from the automobile, as stated in the press release, and they were both trapped within the vehicle. At around 4:24 p.m., law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, and according to the announcement, they found that a single vehicle had driven off the roadway and into a river. Along with the Mercer County Deputies, members of the Bramwell Police Department, the Mercer County Emergency Management Department, the Bluefield Rescue Squad, the Princeton Rescue Squad, the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources, and a variety of different local fire departments responded to the scene.

The deputy who is in charge of leading the investigation into the incident is Deputy M.C. Altice. He is assisted in his work by Deputy N.J. Mason and Cpl. D.A. Calloway. Deputy Major Court Altice is in charge of leading the investigation at this time.