Michelle Weckerly Obituary, Death – Michelle Weckerly departed this world on the Thursday of the week before the previous one. On April 23rd, in the city of Milwaukee, in the state of Wisconsin, Michael and Kimberly (Paulsen) Edminster were present to welcome the birth of their daughter Michelle into the world. The city of Port Washington, which is located in the state of Wisconsin, was the location of her birth. Her all-time favorite things to do included going camping with her family and spending time in the stunning natural surroundings. She was grateful for the opportunity to spend some time there.

The things that she enjoyed doing most in her spare time were making jewelry, drinking coffee, staying on top of the housework, and preparing hearty meals for the people who were important to her. Italian was the tongue in which she expressed herself with the greatest level of delight and satisfaction. Michelle was not only endowed with a ferocious persona, but she also possessed a soul that was wild at heart and defiantly independent. She was a generous, selfless, and kind person who consistently put the needs of others ahead of her own. She possessed a heart of gold. She possessed a heart that was both extremely pure and generous to a remarkable degree.

She is survived by her husband Matt Weckerly, her children Hannah (13), Brodie (17), and Evan Weckerly (20), her parents Mike and Kim, her sisters Stephanie (Josh) Eynon and Jessica (Tony) Eischen, her mother and father-in-law Howard and Joan Weckerly, her brother-in-law Andy Weckerly (Celena), and her grandmothers Carol Edminster and Mary Paulsen. She was married to Matt Weckerly for thirteen years She was married to Matt Weckerly for thirteen years. In addition to other relatives and friends from her extended family, she is survived by a large number of nieces and nephews. Her marriage to Matt Weckerly lasted for thirteen years. Before Michelle was even born, both of her grandfathers, Daniel Edminster and Tom Paulsen, as well as her sister’s brother-in-law, Benjamin Weckerly, had already passed away. Michelle’s mother was also married at the time of their deaths.