Mike Freels Obituary,  Death – Yesterday evening, I was given the unenviable task of informing the Sacred Heart community that our dear friend, Mr. Mike Freels, had passed away as the result of an unexpected illness. I was successful in doing so, despite the fact that it was a challenging endeavor. This is something I have to say despite the weight that I feel in my chest. In June of this year, Mr. Freels decided to step down from his roles as maintenance and custodial supervisor at our organization. He had worked in these capacities for our organization for a combined total of 15 years.

Mike was known for being gentle, kind, and caring toward those in his immediate environment, which earned him the reputation of being a true gentleman. He was an employee who brought a lot of value to the company thanks to the dedication and unyielding commitment he showed toward the organization. Not only did he have a profound affection for Sacred Heart, but he also had a profound affection for our students and the families of our students. During this trying time, he asks that you keep him, his ex-wife Deb, and their two daughters Elizabeth (SHS ’14) and Katherine (SHS ’16) in your thoughts and prayers. He would be very appreciative. It would mean a lot to him if you would also keep his ex-wife Deb in your prayers and thoughts. He would really appreciate it.

We want to wish you all a wonderful weekend and let you know that we are looking forward to worshiping with you all at Mass on the following Sunday. During this Advent season, we are continuing to get ready for the birth of our Savior, and we look forward to doing so with you all. Have a wonderful weekend!
Dr. Mark Register (SHS’75). The Executive Office of the President, located within the School of the Sacred Heart