Mike Goodnow Obituary, Death – Yesterday wasn’t a good day. Even at this late hour, I am completely at a loss for words, which means that I do not know what to say because I do not have any ideas. I am completely speechless. Recent events have resulted in the eviction of one of our very own residents here in Big Stone Bay against our will and without our knowledge. Mike Goodnow, who had been a member of our team for a significant amount of time, passed away in the house that he had called home for many years due to the fact that he had resided there for such a long period of time.

It is difficult for me to find the appropriate words to convey the depth of my misery because my current state of being is so difficult to describe. Because of this, it is difficult for me to find the appropriate words. It’s difficult for me to find the right words to express myself. His explosive temper, smile that spread like wildfire, and entertaining stories that he used to tell are going to be things that a great number of people are going to miss about him. We are going to keep him in our thoughts and continue to quote him for a good number of years to come. In addition, we are going to continue to use his words. Always, we will keep him in our memories.

R.I.P Mike, we want you to know that you and your family are always on our minds and in our hearts, and that we love you very much. Please let this message get through to you and your loved ones. Kindly confirm that you have read this message and get back to us. I will make it a point to remind the guys to limit the amount of nonsense that they waste their time watching on Nickelodeon, which is an excessive amount. This is because it is a waste of their time.