Mikey Sims Obituary,  Death – which occurred toward the end of the day on the evening of the 4th of December in 2022, which was the year 2022, and which took place in the year 2022. At approximately 6:33 in the evening, officers from the Copperas Cove Police Department and firefighters from the Copperas Cove Fire Department were sent to the 300 block of Summers Road in response to a report of a crash in the area that involved only a single vehicle.

When the police arrived, they discovered a male victim who had been involved in a motorcycle accident and was in a critical condition at the time that they arrived. The accident had occurred when the man was riding his motorcycle. The man had been riding his motorcycle at the time of the accident, which took place. The victim’s injuries are so severe that there is an immediate risk that they will pass away as a result of their condition.

It was determined that the person responsible for the crime was James Michael Sims, who had recently turned 50 years old at the time. Justice of the Peace F.W. “Bill” Price of Coryell County ultimately determined that James’ injuries were fatal and pronounced him dead after determining that it was not possible to save James’ life despite the efforts of members of the emergency medical services to try to save James’ life.

This was the case despite the fact that James’ life could not be saved despite the efforts of members of the emergency medical services. A witness who was present at the scene reported that the rider of the motorcycle approached her vehicle while the motorcycle was traveling in the direction of northbound traffic in the lane that was designated for southbound traffic. This witness was present at the scene. This witness was present at the time the crime was committed.

Because of this, she had no choice but to make a speedy lane change into the center lane in order to lessen the chances of getting into a collision and protect herself and those around her from potential harm. The witness stated that the rider of the motorcycle made a quick turn toward the western side of the roadway. This information comes from the witness’s testimony. It seemed as though the rider had lost control of the motorcycle, which ultimately resulted in a collision with a utility pole that was situated in the vicinity.

Our company’s Criminal Investigation Division is continuing their investigation into what took place and the events that took place after it at this very moment.