Milo “Cecil” DeBey Obituary, Death – Although Cecil DeBey was born in Fort Lupton, he currently makes his home in Milliken. However, you might run into him there. DeBey received an honorable discharge from the Navy in 1946, following his graduation from College High School in Greeley in 1945 and his enrollment in the Navy the following year. He served in the Navy during the years 1945 to 1947, during which time he was a member. After that, in 1952, he attended Colorado State College and was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from that institution.

After finishing his schooling, he decided to embark on a profession in education, namely in the field of science. From 1952 through 1959, he was employed at Fort Lupton High School in the capacity of a coach. His coaching career began in 1959 and lasted through 1963 at Heath Junior High School in Greeley, Colorado. He worked as a coach at Greeley West High School beginning in 1963 and continuing until 1967. After that, he returned to his previous position at Heath Junior High School (1967-1968).

As a result of the numerous honors he has received during his academic career, in both high school and college as well as in the community, he has gathered a sizeable number of state place winners. This is thanks to the various distinctions he has achieved. Since he began working at the state competition 29 years ago, he has held the position of score keeper. His time spent working there encompasses the entirety of the current century.

Even though he has left his previous career behind, he is still working in the education area in the role of a substitute teacher. This is despite the fact that he has left his previous employment behind. Because of his unwavering dedication to the sport of wrestling in the state of Colorado, he is regarded not only as an excellent coach but also as a significant contributor to the development of the sport in all of its aspects.

This has earned him the reputation of being one of the most significant contributors to the growth of the sport. Because of this, he is recognized as being one of the individuals who has made the most significant contributions to the development of the sport.