Moira Kerrane Obituary, Death – On November 21st, a terrible accident took the life of Moira Kerrane, who was the very center of our community. Moira left an impression on each of our lives. She fought for our community every single day, no matter the weather, either at the Deptford Park Playclub or the 2000 Action Centre. She was successful in many endeavors, including maintaining both public spaces in a manner that was open to everyone. Moira was tireless in her support of all of us, whether it was delivering food on foot while the building was under lockdown or petitioning the Mayor and Cabinet in the Council Chambers. She was a force to be reckoned with, galvanizing the necessary resources and ensuring that they were distributed fairly among those who were at the greatest risk.

Nobody was overlooked in the process. How she cherished the time she got to spend in the park, where she would spend her free time looking after the animals and the vegetation when she wasn’t giving her unwavering, unpaid service to our community. Moira began to focus particularly on provision for children here in our neighborhood, where a lot of people have a hard time making ends meet, after she gave birth to her own cherished son, Dre, and began her own family. Moira transformed our playclub into the most exceptional provision for under 5s that is currently available.

Many of us came to think of it as an extension of our own homes. Our kids were born and raised here. They know Moira in many ways better than they know any of their own extended family members. To her very last breath, Moira was concerned about the welfare of others. Of us. To show our love and respect for her, as well as to be there for her son Dre, who is only 16 years old, just as she has been there for all of our children, now is the time for us to get together. Please give generously to assist Dre in meeting any and all of his current and future financial obligations.

Tasha Crofton, a member of the volunteer staff at Deptford Park Playclub, is the person responsible for organizing this fundraising event. There are probably a good number of you who know me from that place or from the local Labour Party, which is where Moira’s voice was heard clearly. The funds that are raised will be sent directly to Moira’s brother Neil Kerrane, who will see to it that Dre is provided with access to them in accordance with his requirements. Click HERE to visit Moira Kerrane GoFundMe page