Myron Stone Obituary, Death – Myron Stone, 97, of Swampscott, Massachusetts, died unexpectedly in the house he had lived in for the past 66 years, in the town he loved. Myron was a real patriot who loved his family, community, and country. He joined the Marine Corps after graduating from high school and served with distinction throughout World War II. He belonged to the “greatest generation.” Rosalind Stone, Myron’s wife, died shortly before he did. Michael and Rosalie Stone of Swampscott, Samuel and Donna Stone of Swampscott, and Jacob and Linda Stone of Sarasota, Florida were his devoted children.

Myron Stone grew up in Swampscott, the son of Jacob and Elizabeth (Cohen) Stone. He was the devoted brother of Esther Adelson, his sister, and the late Robert Stone of St. Louis. Both of his parents died unexpectedly while he was away serving his country. It was a tragic turn of events. Myron returned to his hometown of Lynn and immediately took over the family business, a shoe store. Soon after, he began dating Rosalind, a stunning Little Rock, Arkansas native whom he married in 1948. As a consequence of their collaborative efforts in raising their three boys, they were blessed with seven grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.

As shopping malls began to supplant downtowns in the 1960s, Myron chose to close the business and pursue a career as a shoe salesman. He was in charge of selling everything from molds to leather. This was an aspect of his life that he valued, and he took great satisfaction in his ability to serve his clients with honesty and integrity. He regarded in high respect his time working for Jones and Vining, which was then led by Robert Iredale. In typical Myron fashion, he and Bob progressed from coworkers to treasured friends, a friendship that extended beyond the workplace and remained with both of them for the rest of their lives.