Nancy Graeme Obituary,  Death – Nancy Graeme Bryant, a resident of Stilbaai, passed away on Sunday, November 27th, at the age of 95 years old. Her passing occurred on a Sunday. The tragedy that ultimately resulted in her passing took place on a Sunday. The memorial ceremony was held on Monday, November 28th, which was the Monday that fell on the 28th day of the month of November. Both she and her late husband, Ted, were committed bowls players who experienced a great deal of success for Stilbaai in a variety of events. They both won a lot of games for Stilbaai throughout the years. Ted belonged to the Stilbaai Bowling Club and was a member there.

Both of them won a considerable number of games during the course of the company’s history, which contributed to Stilbaai’s overall success. Ted was a contributing member of the club for a considerable portion of its history, which equates to a significant amount of time. Ted joined his granny, who was affectionately known as Nanna Nan by Ted and the rest of the family, in playing the game. Ted’s grandma was known by the nickname Nanna Nan. Ted always referred to his grandma as “Nanna Nan,” which was a nickname she had.

The Riverdale farm that the couple owned and operated, which they referred to as Oudemouragie, was the primary focus of the couple’s labor over the course of a good number of years. The couple had given the land the name Oudemouragie when they first acquired it. They ultimately arrived at the verdict that Stilbaai would be the best place for them to spend their retirement years and decided that it would be best for them to go there. They made a purchase from Jan Kallie in Stilbaai for a piece of real estate there, and it was situated there. The iconic “Boom Café,” which was in charge of supplying the requirements of the area in terms of veggies, was located in the same neighborhood as the land that was up for sale.

The land that was up for sale was in the same neighborhood as the “Boom Café.” The land was available for purchase by anyone who was interested. Since she was a fervent Christian who attended the Stilbaai United Church, the news of her departure is certain to produce a major and long-lasting impression on a large number of individuals because of the nature of her religious affiliation. In addition, the information that she has passed away will almost certainly bring about a great deal of sadness. This is because she went to worship services at a local church rather frequently. In addition to this, the news of her departure is certain to take a sizeable number of individuals by surprise.

After she passes away, it will be left to her children Judy, Gavin, and Christopher to carry on the family business, which has been in their family for many years. The business has been passed down from generation to generation.