Naomi Wilson Obituary, Death – Naomi K. Wilson November 13, 1941 – November 23, 2022, Naomi K. Wilson passed away on November 23, 2022, at the age of 81, in Fort Worth, Texas, in a setting that was serene and tranquil, and she was surrounded by members of her family at the time of her passing. Her passing took place in a location that was in the United States. Her parents, Richard and Alice Frye, were overjoyed to welcome the birth of their daughter into the world on November 13, 1941. She was their first child together. She had only recently been born at the time. Respect and pride were feelings that she experienced as a result of the work that she did as a private investigator in the state of Texas, due to the fact that she was one of the first private investigators to work in that state.

As a consequence of this, she experienced feelings of respect as well as pride in her work. In addition to that, during her time at the hospital where she worked, she gained the qualifications necessary to become a registered nurse. The most content she felt was when she was tending to her garden, but she treasured the time she got to spend with her family the most. She felt the most fulfilled when she was working in her garden. Before she left, both of her parents and her brother, Wayne Frye, had already passed away. She was the only surviving member of her family. The girl who was the youngest of the family’s three children had the name Naomi, and her position in the family was that of the youngest child.

The only members of her family who are still alive are her grandson Caden Jones, her son Chadwick Jones and his wife Anna, her daughter Nancy Browning, and her sister Nancy Browning. Her daughter also has a daughter named Nancy Browning. After she has moved on, they intend to carry on operating the family business in the same manner. In the not-too-distant future, a large number of people, including Naomi’s friends and the people with whom she worked, will think positively of Naomi.