Nellie McNiece Obituary, Death – Today, we learned of Nellie McNiece’s dying in Tullygiven, and the news left us feeling sorrowful. We were saddened to learn of her demise today. Please know that during this difficult time, her loved ones, along with the rest of her family and friends, are being kept in our thoughts and prayers. Please accept our condolences. She was the kind of person who could never stop laughing, who lived life to the fullest, who had empathy for others, and who had trust in something greater than themselves.

That was the kind of person Nellie was. After her passing, her children John and Margaret, together with her other friends, and in particular, her many neighbors, will miss her in a significant degree. In particular, her many neighbors will miss her. Particularly, all of her numerous neighbors will be sad to see her go. Her many friends and neighbors in particular will miss her a great deal more than anyone else would because of how close they were to her.

Everyone who had ever paid her a visit at her house was always made to feel welcome, and it was difficult for them to leave without having a cup of tea or one of the many different pastries that she always had available. She always had a wide variety of tasty treats on hand. She never failed to provide easy access to a delectable assortment of snacks.

She never failed to make sure that a wide variety of delectable food was easily accessible. Her gentle spirit and sensitive nature will be ingrained in our memory for all time, and we will never be able to forget either of those aspects about her. I say a prayer every night that when Nellie passes on to the next world, she will at long last find the serenity that she has been looking for with such great fervor.