Nicole McKeon Obituary, Death – It has been determined that the tourist from Arizona who was 33 years old and died after being struck and killed by a vehicle on Canal Street at the tail end of last month was on her way home after a trip. The Coroner’s Office for Orleans Parish has kindly supplied us with this information. Nicole McKeon, 33, from Bagdad, Arizona, was in New Orleans for a late celebration of her July 2021 marriage to her husband, Michael McKeon, when she slipped and fell on Canal Street, and a car struck and killed her just after midnight on Sunday, November 20.

Nicole was originally from Bagdad, Arizona. Michael McKeon was the driver of the car that struck and killed her. When the incident occurred, she was reportedly in New Orleans for a belated celebration of her marriage. According to the police, she was there at the time. The person behind the wheel of the automobile was Michael McKeon. Michael McKeon revealed to Nicole McKeon over the phone on Saturday evening that the couple will be traveling to New Orleans because Nicole McKeon has a strong interest in visiting old churches and going on ghost tours. The reason for the trip was given by Michael McKeon.

The night before they were supposed to depart for their trip back home, Michael stayed at their hotel, the Dauphine Orleans, to get some rest while Nicole McKeon went out for a quick bite to eat. They discussed going back home the following day in their plans. He received a call from the hospital just a few minutes after twelve in the morning notifying him that his wife had already arrived at the facility. After receiving the call, Michael McKeon rushed to the hospital, where he was told by a medical professional that she had already died away. Michael McKeon was devastated by the news.

According to the reports from the police, Nicole McKeon was crossing Canal Street near South Liberty Street when she was struck and killed by a car late last month. Her death was ruled a traffic accident. At that moment, McKeon was out taking a stroll on Canal Street. She lost her footing and fell into the street, where she was hit by a sedan of a lighter shade of color, according to the New Orleans Police Department.