Nina Fielden Obituary, Death – A man in Ohio reportedly made the discovery of a decomposing body in the basement of a home that had only been purchased a short while earlier. This information was relayed to the local authorities by the man who made the discovery. The house in question had been acquired not long before, just a few minutes earlier. According to WOIO, the current owner of the home that is situated on Noble Road in Cuyahoga County purchased the property at a foreclosure sale and then renovated it after acquiring it after the purchase.

According to Mike Thomas, who serves as the Director of Communications for the city of Cleveland Heights, the new homeowner discovered the body in the basement of the home at approximately 11:40 a.m. on Tuesday. After making the discovery, the new homeowner immediately called the police. The new homeowner made the grim discovery of the dead body. According to the information that was provided by the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner, the body that was found belonged to Nina Fielden. Fielden had a total life span of 71 years, as stated by the information that was provided.

Thomas claims that the previous owner of the house was a man by the name of Fielden, and that Fielden continued to live in the house for an extended period of time after he sold it. The medical examiner for Cuyahoga County reported that there were no signs of trauma found on the body of the deceased woman during the course of the investigation into the woman’s cause of death. This information was provided as part of the investigation into the woman’s cause of death. The investigation into the circumstances surrounding the woman’s passing is still ongoing at this time. An investigation into the woman’s death and the circumstances surrounding it are still being looked into.