Noel Dawkins Obituary, Death – To tell you that Canning Freeman Noel Dawkins has died away is a devastating announcement to make, and I am at a loss for words to adequately convey how I feel about it. He was someone who made an outstanding contribution to the development of the city of Canning into what it is today, and he was someone who had a significant impact on the growth of the city. Noel served as the Chief Executive Officer of Canning for more than 30 years and was heavily involved in the development of a number of Canning suburbs during that time, including the construction of the suburb of Shelley.

During this time, Noel was also heavily involved in the development of a number of other Canning suburbs. During this period, Noel was also actively involved in the creation of a number of other suburbs in the Canning area. I went to a presentation that Noel gave quite a few years ago, and during it, he brought us back in time to show us what Shelley used to look like. I attended to this presentation because I wanted to see what Shelley looked like when she was younger. During that time, approximately half of the region was made up of marshland.

After making the arduous journey to Mandurah in order to examine a dredge barge, he arrived at the conclusion that it would be more advantageous to transport the barge further up the Canning River in order to create the current city of Shelley and further deepen the river. This was the verdict that he came to. In order for the plan to be successful, it was required for both him and the Shire of Canning to communicate with the former landowners in order to carry out what is essentially a land swap. This was a requirement.

However, it was a very educational presentation that covered a number of projects that Noel was involved in during his time as Canning’s CEO. Despite the fact that I simply could not see something like that happening today, the presentation did cover these projects. Canning was an industry in which he undoubtedly played an important pioneering role. Because he has left such an incredible legacy behind, we owe him an enormous debt of gratitude for everything that he did while he was employed here in the Local Government Sector and for the City of Canning during the time that he spent working for both of those organizations. He has left behind an incredible legacy.