Odell Owens Obituary, Death – The memorial service will follow the viewing and wake, which will run from 10 a.m. to noon. The funeral will take place at the Corinthian Baptist Church in Bond Hill. Many people consider the long-serving government employee to be a trailblazer and a neighborhood giant. He made a career out of serving the public. He served as Hamilton County coroner, president of Cincinnati State, and medical director of the Cincinnati Health Department, among other positions. Owens was a medical trailblazer. He founded the University of Cincinnati’s in vitro fertilization program and achieved the city’s first successful frozen embryo conception, birth, and pregnancy.
Owens attended Woodward High School. He went on to complete his college education, earn a master’s degree from Yale University, and complete a reproductive endocrinology fellowship at Harvard Medical School, proving some of his professors wrong.

Before retiring, Owens was president and CEO of Interact for Health for more than four years. On Wednesday afternoon, the group issued a statement regarding Owens’ death.”From birth to death, Dr. Owens provided for everyone in our community. He was a pioneer, an inspiration, a friend, and a mentor to many people. Dr. Owens spent four and a half years at Interact for Health, where he worked to reduce tobacco use, combat the opioid crisis, increase community health equity, and improve access to healthcare through school-based health clinics. His contributions to the foundation were just one part of his lifelong commitment to promoting health in Greater Cincinnati.

His absence will be felt deeply, and his legacy will be an inspiration for many years to come.” After failing out of Walnut Hills in the ninth grade, Owens told WLWT in 2021 that a college counselor told her she was “too poor and too stupid to go to college.” “Nobody should be able to keep you confined. Nobody should dismiss you.” Many community and city leaders praised Dr. Owens for his dedication to the Cincinnati community.