Odney Ellingson Obituary, Death –┬áBefore accepting early retirement in 1997, Odney Ellingson served the Grand Forks Police Department (GFPD) for a total of 38 years, during which time he rose through the ranks to the rank of lieutenant. On November 24, he passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by his loved ones, including his son, Sgt. (Ret.) Mark Ellingson. During the decade of the 1950s, Lieutenant Ellingson served in the United States Army and was stationed at both Fort Hood, in the state of Texas, and Fort Knox, in the state of Kentucky. After serving his country honorably in the armed forces, he went back to his home state of North Dakota.

A native of Grand Forks, North Dakota, he attended Aaker’s College in Grand Forks to earn his degree in business. Almost immediately after that, Lieutenant Ellingson became a member of the Golden Foothills Police Department as an officer. In 1979, while working for the GFPD, Lt. Ellingson attended the 119th session of the FBI Academy and graduated with a degree in criminal justice. He succeeded in obtaining his degree. In addition to that, he had graduated with a diploma from the Dale Carnegie Leadership Program after successfully completing it. Not only did Lt. Ellingson put in 38 years with the GFPD, but he also pushed both of his sons to follow in his shoes and become law enforcement officers in the community.

Lt. Ellingson’s sons followed in his footsteps and became law enforcement officers in the community. Mark devoted 31 years of his life to serving with the GFPD, while Odney Jr. devoted 30 years of his life to serving with the EGFPD. These three individuals have combined to provide the communities of Grand Forks and East Grand Forks with 99 years of service. Fishing, bowling, dominoes, and cribbage were some of the recreational pursuits that Lt. Ellingson participated in during his leisure time.

A successful painting company was co-owned and operated by Lt. Ellingson and his son, Sgt. (Ret.) Mark Ellingson, for a considerable amount of time (Ellingson Painting). Lt. Ellingson has an incredible legacy, and his presence in the world will be severely missed. His contributions to the military will not be forgotten. It is planned that he will be laid to rest on this day, the first of December 2022. We would want to take this opportunity, Lieutenant Ellingson, to thank you for the selfless service you have done to the neighborhood throughout the years.