Oliver Middlemiss Obituary, Death – Oliver was a devoted family member who was beloved by his sons, brothers, wives, children, coworkers, and friends. He had two older brothers and was the youngest of the three. He was a rural chartered surveyor and spent the majority of his working life as a factor in estates in Scotland and England. He was a chartered surveyor. Outside of his work, the most important thing in his life was his family, which included his wife, Jess, and his two sons, William and Angus. His primary interests in sports were golf, cricket, and the football team Tottenham Hotspur, and he played all three.

His friendliness, wit, and easygoing demeanor left an impression on everyone who knew him. In spite of his bubbly personality, his OCD cast a shadow over everything he did. It was characterized by obsessive and intrusive thoughts along with additional mental compulsions rather than physical compulsions. Those were the hallmarks of the condition. Because of this, it was something that he was tormented with privately before even being able to share the burden and seek help.

He was similar to a great number of other people in this regard. Even after he began receiving psychiatric help, his condition continued to deteriorate, and many of the medications were either ineffective or caused intolerable side effects. On July 14, 2019, he terminated his own life by taking his own life. Oliver Middlemiss, who will be missed terribly and held in our hearts forever. This is for people like you, both now and in the future, both now and in the present.

In spite of our sorrow and loss, his family and friends would like to be able to try to use his death in a positive way. We would like to be able to try to use his death in a positive way by encouraging research into OCD in order to better understand the disease, improve clinical knowledge of it, and ultimately reduce the suffering of those in the future who have been diagnosed with OCD.