Olivia Drasher Obituary,  Death – The members of the young woman’s family have spoken out, revealing both her identity and the fact that she was 20 years old at the time of her death in the fire that took place over the weekend. This information was disclosed by the family members. The young woman lost her life as a result of the fire that broke out over the course of the weekend. The general public is now aware of the identity of the young woman who was killed in the fire. She was only 19 years old. Because of the limitations that cerebral palsy imposed on her mobility, Olivia Drasher was unable to go anywhere because she was unable to move. Due to the fact that doing so would put her in danger, she was unable to go outside the house.

A fire broke out early on Sunday morning at a property that was located on Sharon Avenue in Darby Township. The fire was extinguished shortly after it started. The blaze was put out not long after it had first been reported. The fire was extinguished not too much longer after it had been reported for the first time. After being reported for the very first time, it did not take very much longer before the fire was put out completely. After being discovered, the fire was put out in a very short amount of time after it was extinguished.

Although there are some members of the family who are certain that the fire was started on purpose, there are other members of the family who do not share this certainty. They believe that the fire was accidentally started. Following the occurrence of an incident involving Drasher’s caregiver, that person was transported to the hospital to receive medical treatment following the occurrence of the incident. The incident that took place involved Drasher’s caregiver. CBS3 has been informed by the police that they do, in fact, have a suspect in custody and that the procedure for filing charges is currently being worked on.

Additionally, the police have confirmed that they do have a suspect in custody. In addition, the police have confirmed to CBS3 that they are currently holding a suspect. In addition to this, the police have made it abundantly clear that they are currently holding a suspect in custody at this time. Furthermore, a law enforcement official has confirmed to CBS3 that the authorities are currently holding a suspect. This information was provided to CBS3.