Olivia Yallop Obituary, Death – Scribe released Olivia Yallop’s book Break The Internet: In Pursuit of Influence in 2021. Because of her passing, Scribe is experiencing intense and profound grief. At the Berwins Salon North and the Cheltenham Literature Festival, Olivia discussed it. It looked into the world and economy of influencers and was covered by The Guardian and BBC Radio 4’s “Start the Week.” Olivia was a writer and speaker who was incredibly intelligent, astute, and endearingly funny. She possessed the rare talent of being able to express challenging ideas with wit and vivacity. Her generosity, zeal, and sense of humor will always be remembered by the Scribe team.

The publisher, Molly Slight, described how the news of Livvi’s passing devastated the entire Scribe staff. This turn of events is horrifying and shocking. Although she was obviously very smart and knowledgeable, she was also incredibly friendly and modest. All of us were aware of this the moment we first met her. She agreed to work with us, and we were thrilled because we knew she was on her way to being a big name in the literary world. As soon as we started collaborating with her on an editorial level, all of this was confirmed for us. She was incredibly thoughtful and responsive, and she had a wonderful sense of humor and storytelling. She had a natural talent for storytelling and was always eager to get better.

We were all incredibly proud of her accomplishments when the book first came out and it was wonderful to see her talent recognized in the reviews and media coverage it received. We are devastated to hear about the passing of such a gifted young author and person, and we are sending our condolences to her family at this trying time. Our thoughts and condolences are with her family and friends at this difficult time.