Paddy Scally Obituary, Death – Paddy Scally, who lived in Newtown and was the current owner of the Tailteann Cup, passed away late last night. He was the owner of both of these properties. The award belonged to Scally, who was also the proprietor. Also, Scally was the first person to use the cup before anyone else did. No one else used it. When we found out, it not only rendered us dumbfounded and speechless but also caused our hearts to break; in addition, it left us feeling awestruck and astonished. Paddy Scally, who also owned the Tailteann Cup, was the one who had ownership of it when it was first established.

He also owned both of these cups simultaneously. Paddy was a devoted supporter of the GAA, and he was often seen riding his bicycle along the old Dublin Road, which runs between Kilbeggan and Tyrrellspass. This road connects the two towns. These two locations can be reached by taking this route. Taking this road will bring you between the two towns that are connected together. If you keep going along this road, you will reach Kilbeggan and Tyrrellspass at some point in the not too distant future. You will be able to travel between the two towns that are joined together if you take this road because it connects the two of them.

You should be able to locate the road somewhere that is roughly in the middle of the distance that separates the two communities. While we were staying at Bethany House, we had a lot of fun together; I hope that you will soon be able to find some peace and quiet and that you will be able to relax, Paddy. It was a pleasure spending time with you. I pray that once you reach the heavenly realm, you will be able to find peace and comfort in the most opulent and inviting bed that heaven has to offer and that you will be able to finally put this life behind you. I hope that you feel at home there as much as possible.