Patrick Sturdivant Obituary, Death – According to many sources, a guy who was injured in a motorcycle accident on Wednesday has regrettably gone away as a result of the injuries he got as a result of the accident overnight. The accident included a motorbike. Wednesday was the day that a call was made to E.’s local police enforcement agency. around half an hour after 5:30 o’clock in the evening on that specific day. An accident that included a motorcycle took place on McEwen Drive, quite near to where Carothers Parkway begins and ends.

After being in a collision with another car, Patrick Sturdivant, age 44, was discovered by responding cops off the roadway and in a wooded area. Sturdivant had been injured in the accident. As a consequence of his wounds, he was experiencing excruciating levels of agony. Traffic reconstructionists with the Franklin Police Department’s Critical Incident Response team determined that Sturdivant was driving east on McEwen, just east of Carothers Parkway, when a 50-year-old woman from Nolensville in an SUV, who was also traveling east, initiated a lane change and knocked the motorcycle into the curb.

Sturdivant was injured as a result of the collision. The woman from Nolensville crashed her motorcycle against the curb while she was driving it. According to the findings of the investigation, the woman from Nolensville who is suspected of being the one who caused the accident between the motorcycle and the curb is a suspect. The identity of the second driver could not be ascertained under any circumstances. The authorities assert that Sturdivant was thrown from the motorcycle just moments before he hit with a tree and died as a result of the injuries he incurred.

Sturdivant’s death was the direct result of the injuries he experienced. He sustained injuries that were potentially fatal, and he was sent to the Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, which is where he finally went away as a result of his injuries. He passed away from his injuries. Despite the fact that the police have announced that no charges have been filed at this time, a thorough investigation into the collision is still being carried out at this time.