Paul Bradley Obituary, Death -It was discovered that Paul Bradley had passed away the previous day, on November 8th, 2022, at the Henry hand Funeral Home – Kingstree, which is located in the neighborhood of Kingstree, South Carolina. The exact date of Paul Bradley’s death was not disclosed. On Tuesday the 7th of November in the year 2022, the information was made accessible to the general public for the first time. You are more than welcome to come and worship with us at that location, which is where the service will be held.

The following memorial services are going to be held in honor of the person who has passed away, as stated by the information that was provided by the funeral home: On November 11th, 2022, at the Clauddie Henryhand Memorial Chapel, both the funeral service and the memorial service are scheduled to take place. It has been determined that the address 1951 Thurgood Marshall Blvd. in Kingstree, South Carolina is the location of the chapel, and those coordinates can be used to get there. The ceremony is scheduled to start at four o’clock in the afternoon and run until seven o’clock in the evening.

The event is going to take place in the afternoon. On November 12th, 2022, at eleven in the morning, there will be a funeral service held for Clauddie Henryhand at the Clauddie Henryhand Memorial Chapel. There has been no decision made regarding the time or date of the memorial service. Regarding the time and day of the memorial service, there has been no determination made as of yet. The date of the funeral will be 11/11/2022, as that is the date that has been chosen.

At the address of 1951 Thurgood Marshall Blvd., you will find not only the location of the chapel in Kingstree, South Carolina, but also the directions on how to get there. When guests want to view the chapel, they should head to that location.