Paul Rouse Obituary, Death – Paul, took his last breath a few minutes after the clock struck twelve in the morning. He had been sick for quite some time. During the time that I was there with him, as well as the time that his children were there, we showered him with as much love as we were able to muster for him.
When he was going through the most difficult part of his battle with illness, he exemplified the definition of a Warrior that anyone who was familiar with him would have expected him to be. He battled through the most challenging aspects of his illness. He showed tremendous bravery and strength as he battled through the most challenging aspects of his illness.

Despite the fact that he was in such a precarious state, we never stopped hoping and praying that he would recover from his illness. Because of his lack of cowardice, it was incumbent upon us to maintain that sense of hope, and as a result, we never stopped believing. Our hearts were full of the expectation that a better day would come, as well as the hope that it would. We knew that things would get better eventually. We were confident that things would turn out favorably in the end.

I am in a state of complete and utter bewilderment as a direct result of the unexpected change in the way things have been going. This development has completely taken me by surprise. Despite the fact that my best friend and I had to go our separate ways, I am filled to the brim with gratitude for the love that was shown to me throughout the time that we spent together. I will never forget it. I will never be able to forget the endless supply of smiles and laughter that he bestowed upon me as gifts; they will always be ingrained in my memory. He bestowed upon me as a gift an unlimited supply of smiles and laughter.