Paulette Willingham Obituary, Death – On November 25, 2022, Paulette Willingham, who was 79 years old at the time of her death, passed away at the home of her daughter. Paul and Jean Glenn welcomed their daughter Paulette into the world on September 20, 1943 in Chicago, Illinois. She wed her first husband, William Peters Jr., when she was 16 years old, and the couple went on to have two children: Michael and Laura. After another three years, she met Gary M. Willingham, with whom she fell in love, and on November 30, 1963, she tied the knot with him. They welcomed John, Gary, Jr., Edward, and Rachael into the world as their children.

Paulette and her daughter Rachael moved to Grass Valley, California, in 1985. There, Paulette was able to raise her daughter there. Almost immediately after that, she started looking for nursing jobs. At Golden Empire, she served both in the capacity of a nurse’s assistant and a licensed nurse. At long last, in 1996, she received her nursing degree and started working as a registered nurse. She retired after 15 years of service on Two North at the SNMH, where she had worked. It was a fun activity for her to do with her friends and her son John. Egypt was her favorite place, and the pyramids never ceased to captivate her attention there.

She is the grandmother of Kelly, Michael Jr., Demetris, Mathew, Ariel, Ashley, and Nicholas, her seven grandchildren. In addition, she is survived by her four great grandchildren, whose names are Emilio, Kale, Arya, and Amray. She cherished her role as grandma and engaged in a variety of activities with her grandchildren. Her many passions and interests included exploring new places, trying her luck at casinos, seeing movies, panning for gold, tending to her garden, and spending time with her grandchildren.
We love you so very much, Mom, Grandma, and Great Grandma, and we are going to miss you terribly. We will see you again in the kingdom of God. Until then, may God grant you eternal rest.