Peter Lawo Obituary, Death – On November 24, 2022, at the age of 85, Peter Lawo passed away. He was the creator of the German firm that specializes in broadcasting and media technology and was named after him. The business that bears his name was initially established by Peter Lawo, who also served as the company’s namesake. In recognition of his contributions, the company was christened “Peter Lawo.”

The industrious engineer and entrepreneur who would go on to construct what is now known as Lawo AG was the first person to establish the company in the year 1970. Lawo AG is named after this individual. He established the groundwork for the company’s global reputation and economic success by inventing ground-breaking audio devices that conformed to high quality standards.

This helped the company become successful both financially and internationally. It was in large part due to his contributions that the company was able to ascend to the top of the audio industry. This was made possible by him developing the company’s flagship product, which at the time was the main product of the company. Consequently, he was successful in accomplishing this goal.

It is believed that Peter Lawo’s son Philipp Lawo, who took over the company after his father handed over the reins in 1999, was the driving force behind Lawo’s meteoric rise to prominence as one of the industry’s forerunners in the implementation of IP technology in broadcasting and as one of the world’s leading suppliers of network, control, audio, and video systems. Philipp Lawo is credited with being the creative force behind Lawo’s meteoric rise to prominence. Philipp Lawo became the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in 1999 after his father handed over the reins of leadership to him.