Phillip Goodman Obituary, Death –¬†Phillip Goodman, a member of the PhilGood Band, died abruptly last week. Phillip Goodman was a well-known musician in the neighborhood, but his legacy may have occurred behind the scenes. “His calming, mellow, steady tone made everyone feel good,” according to Darius LaRue, hence the name “Philgood Band.” ” We lost a fantastic musician as well as a passionate fan. Everyone cared about him. If he couldn’t make it to a gig, he’d text us at six a.m. the next day to see how everything went. He was considerate to everyone and gave his all in all of his performances. Offstage, Goodman possesses a diverse set of abilities.

Phil boasts a wide range of abilities. He was a firefighter, electrician, and carpenter, among other things. He was well-versed in the Scriptures. Despite his intellect, he remained silent. “He’d tell me what I was doing wrong and how to fix it,” LaRue explained. “He was always correct.”
Goodman has no qualms about performing his songs in local schools or supporting local organizations. One of his favorite charities was SHOC, which stands for Survivors Helping Others Cope. Phil had a great time performing at S.H.O.C.’s annual cancer vigil in October. He has performed at fundraising events for schools such as Petros-Joyner Elementary and Sunbright School Band.

He was having fun with everyone. He was always encouraging and friendly to her, according to LaRue. Darius LaRue explored Phillip Goodman’s legacy both on and off the stage. “Phillip Goodman was always prepared when it came to playing the guitar.” Even though he couldn’t play the instrument, he enjoyed singing karaoke songs. He was well-connected in the music industry. Everyone admired him. By merely performing beside them, he may bring out the best in them. A powerful motivator for many individuals and a decent human being.”

Stephanie, his wife, and their daughters Bethany and Cayden are among the survivors of Goodman’s death. The band consists of TJ Gorsuch, Dylan Wilks, Logan Bunch, and Steven Phillips. His music influenced subsequent musical acts like the Dirt Floor Doctors, Sage Creek Gypsies, Bunch, Phillips, and Gorsuch. Phillip Goodma, the PhilGood Band’s lead singer and primary songwriter, died last week. Morgan County native who played for charitable organizations and schools.