Pierce Allman Obituary, Death – Pierce Allman, an adolescent WFAA news reporter who met Lee Harvey Oswald inside the Texas School Book Depository shortly after President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, has died. Allman died on Friday, November 25, surrounded by family, after a brief stay in hospice. He was 88years old. Allie Beth Allman told our Dallas Business Journal content partners this week, “Pierce was my number one supporter, my soulmate, lover, love of my life, and husband of 59 years.” “We got along well both personally and professionally.

” Pierce has been by my side throughout my career and is largely responsible for my success. Without Pierce, there would be no Allie Beth Allman & Associates.” Pierce Allman worked as a radio reporter for WFAA during President John F. Kennedy’s November 22, 1963 visit to Dallas. When the procession went through Downtown Dallas that day, Allman set up shop on the corner of Houston and Elm streets, directly across from the Texas School Book Depository. “When the first shot happened, it didn’t truly happen… no one around me recognized it as a shooting,” Allman said in 2014 at the Sixth Floor Museum.

As the presidential limousine sped away from the shooting, Allman hurried into the nearby store, got a phone, and filed a news report about what he had witnessed. “I climbed up the steps of the depository building and there was a person in the entryway,” Allman recalls at the museum event. ” And when I ran up to him and inquired where he could locate a phone, he jerked his thumb and said, ‘in there,’ [while motioning over his shoulder].” Then I went inside.

“About two weeks later, I received a call from the Secret Service.” ‘Are you aware with Lee Oswald’s testimony following his arrest?’ they eventually inquired. ‘No,’ I replied. ‘Well, as he was leaving the depository building, a young man with a crew cut rushed up and identified himself as a newsman and inquired as to where the phone was,’ they explained. Based on what he has said and what you have said, this is you.” But Allman’s brush with history never defined him. He and his wife went on to create a prosperous real estate business. He also worked in public relations and at SMU, where he received his bachelor’s degree.