Prezzleigh Goldie Obituary, Death –¬†According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, an accident that included two automobiles and took place on State Route 73 in Clinton County, close to Williams Road, resulting in the deaths of three people, including a child who was 15 years old. The collision occurred in close proximity to Williams Road. The collision occurred close to Williams Road in the immediate area. The information that was provided by OSHP indicates that the collision took occurred on Tuesday evening, about 6:07 in the evening. When the accident took place, state highway 73 was closed, and it remained closed for several hours after the occurrence of the disaster.

Rosalinda Mendoza, 18, was driving a 2005 Scion hatchback westbound on State Route 73 when she allegedly lost control of her vehicle and drove off the right side of the road. According to the reports, the accident occurred when she drove off the right side of the road. This information is correct, as stated in a press statement that was issued by OSHP, which can be seen here. She then drove her vehicle back onto the roadway, where it was involved in a collision with a 2022 Honda Passport that was moving in the direction of the westbound traffic. To the left of the center line is where the collision took place.

According to the information provided by the OSHP, Mendoza and Prezzleigh Goldie, who was also traveling with Mendoza and was 15 years old, were both pronounced deceased at the scene of the incident after the collision occurred. In addition to that, Prezzleigh Goldie was a passenger in the automobile. According to the press statement, two passengers who were riding in the Honda were taken to Green Memorial Hospital with injuries that were not thought to be life-threatening. These individuals were taken there for treatment. The Honda was involved in the mishap that led to the collision, and it was the one that caused it. The investigation into the crash that occurred at OSHP is still being carried out at this time.