Rachel Nussbaum Obituary, Death – Rachel Nussbaum of Wichert, Illinois has passed away unexpectedly. She was born on the 13th of June in Hamilton, New Jersey, and her parents were Stephen Halko and his late wife Patricia Wildblood Halko. She was their daughter and was named after her mother. Rachel attended Lesley University for both her graduate studies and her master’s degree, and she began her career as a teacher when her younger son started kindergarten there.

Rachel earned both her bachelor’s degree and her master’s degree from Lesley University. Up until the year 2020, she was a second-grade teacher in the East Bridgewater Public Schools. In that year, she decided to take an early retirement. Following her retirement, Rachel uprooted her life and moved to Pinehurst, which is located in the state of North Carolina. Rachel was Tom Nussbaum’s devoted wife, and the two of them were married for a combined total of 32 years. She was a devoted mother to her two sons, Cody, who resided in Coats, North Carolina with his wife, Hailie, and Zachary, who lived in Orlando, Florida. Cody lived with his wife, Hailie, in Coats, North Carolina. Zachary lived in Orlando, Florida.

She was the sister of Lori Machain, who resides in Massachusetts with her husband Doug, and Stephen Halko, who resides in Pennsylvania with his wife Natalie Rudik and their daughter Taryn. Additionally, she was the sister of Stephen Halko, who resides in Pennsylvania with his wife Natalie Rudik and their daughter Taryn. In addition, she is survived by her three nephews, all of whom live in the state of Massachusetts: Ryan Machain, his wife Joanna, and their son Jackson; Matthew Machain, his fiancée Annalise Bottacelli, and their daughters Nora and Emily; and Patrick Machain. All of these individuals are related to her. They are all known by the name Machain.

Rachel cherished the time she got to spend with her family at Walt Disney World, where they could go on the ride that Rachel considered to be her all-time favorite, the PeopleMover, and share multiple meals together. Not only did she take delight in being referred to as “MmAaa and RachelBeast,” but she also liked to read and sew. Going to Broadway shows, on the other hand, was her absolute favorite thing to do.