Rene Enriquez Jr Obituary, Death –  The findings of the office of the coroner in Clark County, Nevada, indicate that the deceased person whose body was discovered earlier this week inside a barrel was a male who was 39 years old. The coroner’s office was able to determine this information after conducting their investigation. The deceased person’s body was found early on in the week. A contractor who was working for the public works department came across the mangled body of Rene Olmos Enriquez Jr. while searching the container. the body was found inside the container. With the assistance of a tattoo, the investigators who work for 8 News Now were able to positively identify the suspect based on the information that they acquired.

Ryan Bentley, 43 years old, was taken into custody by officers with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department on Tuesday, and he was subsequently charged with one count of open murder later that day. The body of Enriquez, who was discovered in a residence located close to the intersection of Washington Avenue and Jones Boulevard, was discovered toward the end of the month of October, and detectives immediately began their investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Enriquez. According to the documents, the men were familiar enough with one another to engage in conversation with one another.

The authorities believe that Bentley and another person dismembered Enriquez’s body and then purchased a 55-gallon drum in order to conceal the remains of Enriquez’s body. This is what the investigation has led the authorities to believe. The records provide credence to this hypothesis. Someone contacted Clark County Public Works on Tuesday, November 29, to report an abandoned barrel that was located close to the intersection of Quail Avenue and Palm Street. The barrel was described as being in the area of the intersection. The barrel was said to be located in the vicinity of the intersection in the description.

After the barrel was moved from the area, a contractor working for the public works department opened it and found what are believed to be human remains as well as bleach inside of it. This discovery was made after the barrel was removed from the area. The investigators stated that they were able to retrieve a torso from within the barrel; however, upon closer inspection, it was discovered that the torso was missing both arms and a head. At the time that these investigations were being conducted, the office of the coroner was making efforts to determine what ultimately led to Enriquez’s passing away.