Roland Dullnig Obituary, Death – On November 26, 2022, TSgt. Roland Dullnig, who was one of the few remaining members of the 416th Bomb Group, passed away while he was surrounded by his family. He had served with the 416th Bomb Group for many years. Many of Dullnig’s years of military service were spent with the 416th Bomb Group. He had served the organization in a number of capacities over the course of his membership there. He had been putting up with the repercussions of his illness for some time at that point. Roland never missed a single reunion that the 668th Bomb Squadron held for its former members, even though he was promoted to the position of Crew Chief while he was a member of the group during the time that he was a member of the 668th Bomb Squadron.

A significant portion of Roland’s time in the military was spent serving with the 668th Bomb Squadron. In February of 2020, the French government presented him with the Legion of Honor medal as a token of their gratitude for the service he rendered to France during World War II. As a sign of appreciation for the assistance he provided during the conflict in France, this was done for him as a token of their gratitude.

On the sixth of December, a service will be held at the Saint Marks United Methodist Church, which can be found in San Antonio at 1902 Vance Jackson. The location of the service will be announced at a later date. If you intend to attend the event, it would be greatly appreciated by us if you could bring your friends and family members with you. The sad news of his passing is going to cause a lot of people to feel upset, and the memories of him that they have will be filled with love and affection for him.