Rob Bradford Obituary, Death – The members of Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic Church would like to offer their deepest condolences to Mr. Kenneth Andrew Bulych’s family and friends after learning of his passing. We pray, “With the deepest wisdom, O Lover of us all, You formed all things, and to everyone You provide all that is needed, O Sole Creator.” (With the deepest wisdom, O Lover of us all, you formed all things.) (You created everything with the greatest insight, O Lover of each and every one of us.) Give peace to your servant who has passed away, Lord, because he believed in you, the God who is both our Creator and Maker, and he put his hope in you.

He served you faithfully until the end of his life, and he deserves to rest in your presence. Right now, always, and for all of eternity, all glory, honor, thanksgiving, and praise are due to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We were shocked and deeply saddened to learn over the weekend of Rob Bradford’s passing. His enthusiasm for everything Meek was unmatched, and the sheer enjoyment he displayed while cataloguing the Tea Chest Tapes is something that can never be replicated; he will be greatly missed. Our prayers are with his family and the many friends he leaves behind.

Rob Bradford, a dear friend of ours and a member of the committee, passed away yesterday, and the news has left us in a state of deep sadness. Over the course of many years, Jet considered Rob to be a dear friend and a wonderful person. Since the 1980s, he had accompanied fellow committee member David Hawley on trips to see Jet perform live, and the two of them had also paid a visit to Jet on the Isle of Wight. He was very devoted to Jet and stood by him until the very end of his life, offering his support. Rob was the person that Janet asked to deliver the eulogy at Jet’s funeral, and he readily agreed to do so after being asked by Janet.

Rob became a member of the committee that oversees the Jet Harris Memorial Fund in 2011, and he has held the position of Treasurer ever since the Fund was established. Over the course of the past eleven years, he has assisted with everything that is associated with the Fund, from events to the business of the committees and decision making. We will miss him very much as a friend, as well as for his thoughtfulness, his knowledge, and the unflagging support he provided. Our deepest sympathies go out to Di and the rest of Rob’s family. R.I.P. Rob