Robert Bush Obituary, Death – Since I found out this morning that my beloved buddy Robert Bush had passed away, I’ve had a heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach. Robert’s unwavering dedication to the Arts and Science Council and the latter’s vision of “Culture for All” was the source of a significant amount of both the knowledge and the significance that he imparted to me. That mission was the most important thing in the world to him.

People in my town openly balked at his duty-bound insistence on sharing our limited art funding more fairly. There is a limited amount of money available for the arts. They did not wish to be informed of it. They had no interest in making any changes. Because Robert opened the door for funding individual artists and fledgling organizations, including especially BIPOC organizations, many of those same people felt as though they had been insulted or attacked, despite the fact that their better selves recognized that he was in the right.

It was a fact that was inconvenient to know. And as we remember Robert and plot our courses for the future, I hope that everyone of us will keep that in mind now. Others, including many artists of color, LGBTQ artists, creative entrepreneurs, and art educators, began to feel visible for the very first time in this community (and nationwide) as a direct result of Robert’s unceasing efforts, and this will be the legacy that he leaves behind once he passes away. And the legacy they left behind will endure.

Robert was a stubborn, quick-tempered, and quick-witted individual who enjoyed having fun. In addition to this, he was unwaveringly devoted to all of our art groups, no matter how big or how tiny they were, as well as to our artists and to his friends and family, of which I am a member.