Roger Mahoney Obituary, Death – The passing away of legendary Andy Capp artist Roger Mahoney at the age of 89 has resulted in the cartooning industry losing one of its most brilliant talents. Mahoney was known for his work on Andy Capp. The musician who used to play professionally and who went on to become famous for his work as an artist on comic strips thanks to the incredible talent he possessed received tributes from other artists last night. Cartoons like “Mandy Capp” from 1997 in the Mirror and “The Gambols” from the Mail on Sunday were just two examples of the numerous works that Roger produced for publication. Both of these cartoons appeared in their respective publications.

After the passing of the comic strip’s creator, Reg Smythe, in 1998, he passed on the comic strip Andy Capp to him to take over in the year 2000. Andy Capp already had a large backlog of strips. Roger Kettle, who was responsible for writing the scripts, is to thank for the smooth transition that was achieved. In the year 2010, Kettle resigned from her position at the company, and both Lawrence Goldsmith and I began our careers as writers. Roger, who was only 87 years old at the time, drew the final panel of his comic strip on November 14, 2020. However, he did not stop producing The Gambols until just a few days before he passed away. He continued to do so until the very end.

Lawrence, the artist who is currently working on Andy, had this to say about their time spent together: “It was an honor and a privilege to have worked with one of the giants of British cartooning.” [Creative Commons] Kettle continued, “Roger was a brilliant cartoonist who was ridiculously modest.” “Roger was a ridiculously modest cartoonist.” When Lawrence and I found ourselves in a creative rut, we frequently turned to Roger for help because we knew he could get us unstuck. The addition of his artwork, which consisted of iconic comic book images, would give a screenplay that required rewriting a new lease on life.