Ron Cramer Obituary, Death – Sheriff Ron Cramer The death of Sheriff Ron Cramer continues to break the hearts of the Eau Claire Police Department. After a two-month investigation, Cramer reportedly committed suicide on Wednesday, according to the sheriff’s office. The 68-year-old went suddenly on September 13, the day after his birthday. After a terrible incident, we turn to first responders for assistance. We can only imagine how many awful and horrifying incidents sheriff Cramer attended during his 47 years of service, according to capt. Cory Schalinske of the Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Office. But who provides support for first responders?

We no longer accept the demands of law enforcement as a necessary part of the job, according to Schalinske. Officers are requesting it in light of the passing of Ron Cramer, the sheriff of Eau Claire County. Cramer’s wife, Cheryl, said, “We are just saddened by this awful occurrence.
On September 13, workers from Eau Claire County located Cramer’s body in the Town of Seymour. According to the investigation, Sheriff Ron Cramer committed suicide, according to Chief Matt Rokus of the Eau Claire Police Department.

According to the police, Cramer was disturbed and anxious in the weeks prior to his passing. According to Blue H.E.L.P., a group dedicated to providing mental health help for first responders, 133 first responders committed themselves in 2022. Although Schalinske added, “We will always know what he meant to this town and what this community meant to him,” we don’t know why he made that decision. While the community grieves, the department is taking steps to ensure that no officer feels alone.
Every employee now receives yearly wellness visits during which they consult with a mental health professional. According to Schalinske, it is no longer acceptable for them to manage it, get over it, and bring it with them to their homes.

All officers must attend the one-on-one wellness meetings that are required. The sheriff’s office has also formed a peer support team. Cramer spent 47 of his years working for the department, including 26 years as sheriff. We hope you hold onto those memories and keep in mind Ron’s kind nature and sense of humor, Cheryl said.
Coworkers mourn the loss of Cramer, who passed away. He spent more than 21 years as Schalinske’s boss, guide, and friend.
They will keep it with them throughout their entire professional lives. Sheriff Cramer and everything he stood for, said Schalinske, would not be forgotten.