Ryan Hersey Obituary, Death –┬áThe injuries that my nephew Ryan Hersey sustained after being hit by a car the day before led to the untimely dying of my nephew on December 2nd due to complications from those injuries. His untimely death was due to the fact that he passed away from those injuries. We cannot believe that we had to say our final goodbyes to Ryan when he was still so young, and the news of his loss has left us with broken hearts. Even though Ryan had only been a part of his family for the past 28 years, they had already grown very fond of him and held him in very high esteem.

Ryan was the first person to make an offer of assistance to anyone who required additional support beyond what they were already receiving. It was quite simple to feel affection for him because of the positive outlook he always maintained and the priority that he always gave to his family. As you can no doubt imagine, the unexpected loss of him has left a void in our family that will never be filled again. This is something that will never happen again. The hole left by its absence will never be replaced. In addition to this, it suddenly places everyone in a precarious position financially, which is a problem for everyone.

Because Ryan was self-employed, he does not have a life insurance policy that would pay for his burial expenses or outstanding medical bills in the event of his passing. If Ryan had such a policy, these expenses would be covered. The members of our immediate family have pooled their resources in order to do whatever it is that we are capable of doing in order to fulfill the financial obligation. We are putting out this request for assistance in the hopes that we will be able to cover these costs and ensure that Ryan is laid to rest in a manner that is fitting and proper for the man that he was. On behalf of Ryan and each and every member of his family, we would like to offer our most sincere gratitude and thanks to you.