Sagan Shire Obituary, Death – Sagan Shire This irritates me to the very depths of my being in the most profound way. I have the feeling that nothing I type at this very moment will be adequate for the task that is currently being performed. I am completely lost as to how to write this or even what to write about. The fact that there is nothing else I can do at this point has left me with an overwhelming desire to write something down and post it online. You possessed an incredible passion for love. You were a fantastic inspiration for me to keep going when I needed it.

When you walked into a room, you immediately became the brightest thing there. In addition to your stunning appearance, you also possessed a heart of such incredible beauty. You brought an extremely artistic, creative, and original perspective to the situation. You served as the motivation that got me into painting in the first place. It was because of how self-reliant you were that I was able to see that I am also capable of being self-reliant.

It was impossible not to pick up on your contagious sense of self-assurance because it was so infectious. You made everyone feel as though they were more than capable of achieving anything they set their minds to. I have no words to adequately express how disheartened I am to learn that my child and your child will not have the chance to become acquainted with one another. Unfortunately, the amount of time we were able to spend with you was limited. Already, I find that I am thinking about you and missing you quite a bit. Even at this late hour, it feels like I must be dreaming; it’s almost as if I could give you a call, and then everything would be all right. I will never stop loving you. ~ Roman Shire