Sally Chandler Obituary, Death – It is with deep regret that I must be the one to break this disheartening news to each and every one of you, but I am compelled to do so. Sally Chandler, the woman who had been married to Mike Chandler and had passed away last evening at the age of 86, passed away in a peaceful manner. She had a long life that was rich in experience and was filled with joy.
Mike served as our Squire for a considerable amount of time, and during that time he was also responsible for fulfilling the responsibilities that came along with serving as The Ring’s Squire.

During this time, Mike also took on the responsibilities that came along with being the Squire of The Ring. Due to the fact that I am confident that each and every one of you is aware of this particular fact, Mike and Sally were married for 65 years, and during Mike’s whole career in Morris, Sally was always there to support and encourage him no matter what. Mike and Sally’s marriage lasted for 65 years. The marriage between Mike and Sally lasted for a total of 65 years.

Mike and Sally were married for a combined total of 65 years during their lifetimes. Sally was a loyal supporter of the Whitchurch Morris and the events it participated in for a significant portion of her life, which spanned a number of years. She was the mastermind behind the planning and implementation of a great many feasts, which is something that those of you who have attended any of our get-togethers over the years are probably already aware of.

She was responsible for the organization and execution of a great many feasts. She was the brains behind the organization and carrying out of a huge number of elaborate feasts. Sally was the one who sewed all of our baldricks and waistcoats from start to finish. In addition to that, she was the one who created the initial few prototypes of our waistcoats. And on top of that, a significant number of other things in addition to that. After she has moved on, we are all going to feel a profound loss and miss her a great deal.