Scott Ahlers Obituary, Death – It is not easy for me to part ways with a wonderful friend who I have come to think of as a member of my own family and in particular a brother. I will mourn my dad for the rest of my life, and the times that we spent together as a family will always have a special place in my heart, regardless of how much time has passed since we were last all together. Scott and Rachel Ahlers

If you ever get the urge to get in touch with an old acquaintance or loved one, please make the effort to do so before it becomes impossible to do so. I am pleading with everyone in my extended social network and my family. I implore you to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and not let it slide past your grasp.

The only thing we will be able to take with us when we ultimately get the opportunity to see our Father, who is all-powerful, is love. To answer your question, everything has absolutely nothing to do with anything at all, my good friends! There is no question that her family has been graced with numerous moments with a legend thanks to the fact that she has four lovely children of her own.

Rachel is the mother of four children, and there is no question that her family has been blessed with many moments with a legend. Please continue to pray for Rachel and her family, and shower them with your love; she has four children, and there is no doubt that her family has been blessed with many moments with a legend. As the days and years go by, her littles will require the guidance of the legends of several more ancestors as they make their journey through life. I pray that you will be at peace, my dear friend, until the day that our souls are reunited for all eternity in paradise. LOVE. ~ Rachael Weissenburger