Sean Normandeau Obituary, Death – Sean Normandeau, Dr. Phil Talk Show host died. According a post on Facebook, posted by Veruschka Normandeau- My beloved brother, my younger brother Sean, died unexpectedly a week ago, which is news you never thought you’d have to share. Nothing can get you ready for something like this. We were fortunate to have a long warm phone call on Thanksgiving Eve before my guests arrived, as we were still in shock and grief. He was positive, inspired, and a good listener. We referred to each other as BFFs in every text. In the last three years, life has blessed us with a lot of extra time together doing mundane things, such as him visiting me in Hawaii for my 50th birthday and him getting to touch the new earth that had just taken over our neighborhood.

We looked up to and respected one another.He had the best sense of humor, an elephant’s memory, and exquisite taste in food, music, and movies, which we had the pleasure of sharing in many different cities. His generosity and unconditional love, in particular, will be remembered. He is the reason Taurus, the earthly and comforting sign, is one of my favorite zodiac signs. He never complained or felt sorry for himself despite being a paraplegic since an accident in 2001; instead, he put others at ease. He was one of the best fathers I know, completely dedicated to his young son, and my heart goes out to Lukie in his loss. He was a rock for many people, and he is the cutest baby and little boy I have ever seen.

“He wasn’t just mine, he was everybody’s,” a bereaved person recently said (TJ Moss), and while this is so personal, I know so many people are affected by his death. It appears that sharing that it happened is part of making it more real and being held in my shock and loss right now. Reaching out feels good. It’s also the third death in my immediate circle in a month, so I imagine many people are going through similar changes in their lives; my heart goes out to you. Sean liked to mock my woo woo but couldn’t deny all the synchronicities that always happened in front of him when we were together….he would always text me in witchy ways that blew my mind, so we were definitely connected.

We were at the zoo, admiring the reptiles and paying special attention to the patterns on the snakes in each aquarium. “Who designs these things in the first place?” I exclaimed in front of him. It prompted him to examine the snake more closely. “I saw the magic, Veru – I saw it – I finally know what you’re talking about,” he said later that night.
My breau, rest in peace; I will always love you, and I heard you are dancing now.