Seth Odom Obituary,  Death – It has been determined that the human skeletal remains that were discovered in the toolbox of the car that was located in the unincorporated area of Pearl River County are those of a male and that these remains belonged to the individual who was operating the vehicle at the time of their discovery. Derek Turnage, the Coroner for Pearl River County, revealed that the deceased individual has been identified as Seth Colter Odom, who lived in Poplarville and was 24 years old. This information was provided by the deceased person’s family.

On Saturday morning about ten o’clock, a dead person was found on the embankment of a creek on Burge and Reyer Road, which is situated in the northern part of the county. The road connects Burge and Reyer. People who were strolling on a bridge that crossed over the creek came across the toolbox, and after noticing it, they made the decision to inspect it. Immediately after making the find, they got in touch with the appropriate authorities to report it. They didn’t waste any time. According to Turnage, “in order to maintain the integrity of the evidence, we carried the box along with the body to the state crime laboratory.” [Citation needed] “We transported the box along with the body to the state crime laboratory.

” [Further citation is required] The box was taken with the deceased to the state crime lab where the investigation was being conducted. We were able to identify him based on the tattoos he sported by using social media, and the records from the Pearl River County Jail corroborated our findings. We were able to ascertain who he was based on the tattoos he sported. Turnage also indicated that the fingerprints that were taken on Tuesday were returned, which he said confirmed the ID. Turnage stated that the fingerprints were returned on Tuesday.

According to Turnage’s report, the fingerprints were handed back on Tuesday. The results of the autopsy, which were made public on Tuesday, indicated that the individual had been shot, and that this was the principal factor that led to their demise. According to Turnage, Odom was not thought to be missing and was a known subject to the law enforcement agencies in the area. In addition, Turnage stated that Odom had been seen recently in the area. It had been a week since he passed away from his illness. The Pearl River County Sheriff’s Office has made the decision not to comment on the situation at this time in order to protect the legitimacy of the investigation that is currently underway.