Shay Hammett Obituary, Death –  On Wednesday, December 7, 2022, at the age of 51, Shay Hammett, who had been battling an illness for a short time, passed away in the Johnson City Medical Center. He called Johnson City, which is situated in the state of Tennessee, home throughout his life. Johnson City, which he regarded as his home, was the location of his job, and he was employed there. She was comforted and supported by her loved ones and friends who gathered around her in her final moments, and they helped her through this difficult time. Because of their presence, she had reached a new low in her life.

It was in the state of Tennessee, and more especially in the city of Johnson City, which is located in the state of Tennessee, that she called home. To provide a bit more detail, her home was located in the Lakebridge section of Johnson City, which is a part of the Waters community. In addition to having graduated from David Crockett High School, she was a fervent fan of both the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing and the Dallas Cowboys. She attended David Crockett for all four years of her high school career. Her all-time favorite professional football team was the Dallas Cowboys. In addition to that, one of her favorite things to do in her leisure time was to listen to country music.

The upbeat report is that both of her parents, Bob and Janice Hammett, have prevailed over this harrowing ordeal and are still with us. Her much-loved Chihuahua, both sets of her paternal and paternal grandparents, a significant number of relatives, uncles, and cousins, as well as both sets of her paternal and paternal grandparents, all passed away before she did. Her passing came after the deaths of both of her parents. Neither of her parents had survived her. Her parents were her greatest companions. Later on, memorial services will be held at the cemetery in honor of the person who died away not too long ago. These ceremonies will be held in memory of the deceased.

During Shay’s time at Lakebridge, every single person showed him kindness and provided him with excellent medical care. Shay was in good hands. The family of Shay would like to personally convey their appreciation to each and every worker at that location for the excellent care that they gave to Shay, and they would like to do it individually.