Shayla Frank Obituary, Death – Tammie David Frank, who was married to Jason David Frank at the time of his death on November 19, 2022, gave an exclusive interview to PEOPLE in order to clarify the events that transpired around Jason’s passing on behalf of their family. My name is Tammie Frank, and I am sorry to inform you that my husband, Jason David Frank, committed suicide about a week ago. My name is Tammie Frank. Even though some people were already familiar with Jason’s name, we were still subject to the same highs and lows that everyone else was. I am at a loss for words and unable to adequately convey my disbelief and anguish due to the manner in which the media has blown out of proportion the tragedy that befell my family.

Since Jason’s passing, I have been the target of online harassment, and I will no longer keep quiet while my husband’s honorable reputation is sullied. Since Jason’s passing, I have been the target of online harassment. “I cherished my partner, and both of us put in a lot of effort to work through the issues that had surfaced in our relationship. She went on to say that ever since she heard the news of his passing, I have been in the same state of disbelief as everyone else. “If I’m being totally truthful, I had no idea that Jason was contemplating the possibility of our relationship coming to an end.

Despite the fact that in the past he had struggled with depression and other issues related to his mental health, I could not have predicted what would take place that evening even if I had a million years to live. She claims that rather than having a relaxing weekend getaway, she ended up breaking up with the man who was the love of her life. Although Jason was a good person, he continued to struggle with the demons from his past despite the fact that he was a good person. In addition to being a fellow human being, he was also a fellow member of the human race.