Sherwin I. Seligsohn Obituary,  Death – recently revealed that Sherwin I. Seligsohn, the company’s founder, passed away on December 3, 2022. Sherwin was a respected visionary, leader, and friend. The whole UDC community mourns his passing and sends its heartfelt condolences to his family and close friends. Two of the most significant enabling technology firms in the worldwide OLED and digital cellular ecosystems were founded thanks to Sherwin’s outstanding vision, entrepreneurial enthusiasm, and distinctive leadership. Sherwin has a lasting impact on the wireless and display industries thanks to his extraordinary intelligence and insatiable curiosity.

Sherwin, who was born in 1935, dropped out of high school to focus on his life’s hobbies, which included the stock market, because his intense desire to learn outweighed traditional teaching methods. Sherwin was a lifelong Jersey Shore lover who frequently spent time at the shore with his young children. The concept of a portable data machine was born out of Sherwin’s desire to follow the financial markets and receive real-time stock quote updates without having to leave the beach. Sherwin founded International Mobile Machines Corporation (IMM), now known as InterDigital, Inc., his first multi-billion dollar company in 1972 as a result of his pursuit and enthusiasm for wireless technology (Nasdaq: IDCC). Sherwin left his position as chairman of IMM in 1990, and he started looking for his next business idea.

Sherwin made the decision to investigate this ground-breaking technology by paying a visit to the electrical engineering department at Princeton University after reading about unique research work by Drs. Forrest and Thompson on self-emissive organic materials in Nature magazine. He saw a green dot there with a 9-volt battery hanging from it briefly light up before it went out. Sherwin created Universal Display Corporation in June 1994 after imagining the future of display technology from that little organic green dot. Today, Universal Display has developed and expanded from an R&D start-up to a dominant global player in the OLED market.

According to Steven V. Abramson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Universal Display Corporation, “Sherwin’s extraordinary vision, entrepreneurial passion, and unique leadership led to the creation of two of the most significant enabling technology companies in the global OLED and digital cellular ecosystems.” “I had the honour of spending more than 40 years collaborating closely with Sherwin. He served as both my great and giving buddy in addition to being my intelligent guru. Sherwin fostered the UDC guiding principles of inquiry, respect, humility, and determination with a long-term strategic vision.

His persistent “beyond the box” thinking attitude and gutsy conviction have become ingrained in the Company’s DNA and are essential to UDC’s extraordinary success. The extraordinary legacy of Sherwin will continue to propel the business along its course of expansion and innovation. He will be sorely missed by us. Sherwin I. Seligsohn, who also founded Universal Display Corporation, presided as the company’s chairman of the board from June 1995 to June 2022, when he was elevated to chairman emeritus. In addition, he held the positions of President from June 1995 to May 1996 and Chief Executive Officer of UDC from June 1995 to December 2007.

Sherwin served as Chairman Emeritus of InterDigital, Inc., formerly known as International Mobile Machines Corporation, from June 1990 until October 1991. He founded InterDigital and served as its Chairman of the Board of Directors from August 1972 until June 1990. Sherwin also served on the Industrial Advisory Board of Princeton University’s PRISM, the Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials. Universal Display Corporation information Organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology and materials for use in display and solid-state lighting applications are being researched, developed, and commercialized by Universal Display Corporation (Nasdaq: OLED), a leader in the field.

The company, which was established in 1994 and has offices and subsidiaries all over the world, now owns, exclusively licenses, or has the exclusive right to sublicense more than 5,500 issued and pending patents globally. The innovative high-efficiency UniversalPHOLED® phosphorescent OLED technology, which can facilitate the creation of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly displays and solid-state lighting, is one of the exclusive technologies that Universal Display licenses. The company also creates and sells premium, cutting-edge UniversalPHOLED materials, which are widely acknowledged as essential components in the creation of OLEDs with the highest performance.

Additionally, Universal Display offers its customers and partners cutting-edge and unique solutions through technology transfer, group technology development, and on-site training. Visit to read more about Universal Display Corporation. The trademarks or registered trademarks of Universal Display Corporation include both the name Universal Display Corporation and the logo. All other business, product, or brand names could be registered or unregistered trademarks. All statements in this document that do not relate to the past are forward-looking financial statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, including those regarding the anticipated adoption, development, and advancement of the company’s technologies, the company’s expected results and the declaration of dividends in the future, as well as the expansion of the OLED market and the company’s opportunities in that market.

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