Sherwin Seligsohn Obituary, Death – Sherwin Seligsohn passed away in 2022. The UDC community mourns the loss of Sherwin, a visionary, leader, and friend, and extends heartfelt condolences to his family and loved ones. Sherwin’s intelligence and curiosity have left their imprint on the display and wireless industries. Sherwin’s desire to learn outweighed traditional teaching methods, so he dropped out of high school to pursue his interests, which included the stock market. Sherwin adored the Jersey Shore and took his children there frequently. Sherwin’s desire to track financial markets and obtain real-time stock quotes prompted the creation of a portable data machine.

Sherwin’s interest in wireless technology led him to establish International Mobile Machines (IMM), now known as InterDigital, in 1972. IDCC (Nasdaq: IDCC). Sherwin resigned as IMM chairman in 1990 and began looking for new employment. Sherwin went to Princeton’s electrical engineering school after reading about self-emissive organic materials in Nature magazine. A 9-volt battery on a green dot briefly lit up before dying. From that organic green dot, Sherwin saw the future of display technology and founded Universal Display in 1994. Universal Display has evolved from a research and development startup to an OLED industry leader.

Sherwin’s extraordinary vision, entrepreneurial zeal, and distinctive leadership resulted in the formation of two of the most influential enabling technology companies in the global OLED and digital cellular ecosystems. “I spent 40 years working for Sherwin-Williams. He was a brilliant mentor and a wonderful friend. Sherwin instilled in UDC the values of curiosity, respect, humility, and determination. His ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and brave conviction are critical to UDC’s success. Sherwin-Williams’ legacy will ensure that the company continues to grow and innovate. He’ll be missed.”

From 1995 to 2022, Sherwin I. Seligsohn was the chairman of Universal Display Corporation. He was the CEO and president of UDC from June 1995 to December 2007. Sherwin served as InterDigital, Inc.’s Chairman Emeritus. From 1972 to 1990, he was the chairman of InterDigital. Sherwin served on the PRISM Industrial Advisory Board. UDC Information