Tatto Couligian Obituary, Death – The news that Tatto Couligian had passed away on December 1 came as a shock to us, and our thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones and friends at this difficult time. Please accept our condolences. It was in the city of Nicosia, Cyprus, that Tatto’s mother, Avak Kahana Der Khoren Kouligian, gave birth to him. Tatto eventually became known simply as “Tatto,” and he was also frequently referred to as “Tatto.” Tatto died in Nicosia in 1974.
Tatto, when he was still a young boy, would assist his father at the Armenian church in Nicosia while his father sang in the church. Tatto’s father was a singer at the church. The elder Tatto was a musician in his own right.

After completing his studies at the Melkonian Educational Institute and earning his diploma, he continued his education in the city of Manchester at the University of Manchester Science and Industry. It was at that institution that he earned his degree in the area of science and industry.
He wed Maro Chichekian in 1960, and then he and his new wife moved to Manchester the following year after making their nuptials public. Before they got married, he already had a place to call home in New York City.

In addition to his duties as chairman of the trustees at the Holy Trinity Armenian Church, Tatto took on the additional responsibilities of serving as the church president. In this capacity, he was largely responsible for ensuring the church’s continued viability over the long term in both its religious and financial spheres. Specifically, he was responsible for ensuring the church’s financial stability. During that time period, Tatto was working at the Holy Trinity Armenian church as a volunteer assistant.

He had been there for some time. In addition to the fact that he had two sons of his own, he was also the grandfather of two grandchildren, making the total number of children he had to care for four. The Holy Trinity Armenian Church in Manchester is going to be the location where funeral services are going to be held on the 22nd of December. Thursday is the day that these services are going to take place.